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Goat milk baby formula
is that OK for an infant?

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  • AAP confirms the safety of
    goat milk infant formula
    AAP confirms the safety ofgoat milk infant formula
  • Goat milk protein is suitable
    for infant formula
    Goat milk protein is suitablefor infant formula
  • Nutritionally Complete
    & Adequate
    Nutritionally Complete& Adequate
  • Trusted brand
    from Europe
    Trusted brandfrom Europe

Our Jovie study product

Fully compliant with US FDA regulations

Jovie goat infant formula
  • With iron
  • Low in protein
  • Fortified with DHA + ARA
  • According to recent European and scientific insights
  • Inspired by Jovie as sold in Europe

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In the last decade, goat milk infant formulas have become popular in Europe.
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