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Why goat milk infant formula?

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jovie goat milk natural goodness

The natural goodness of gentle whole goat milk is the foundation of Jovie Infant Formula. Goat milk is our first and most important ingredient.

We use the natural composition of whole goat milk and fortify it with carefully selected ingredients to make Jovie goat milk infant formula suitable for your little one.

Jovie chooses goat milk

Goat milk is the ideal basis for infant formula!

Whole Milk goodness

Whole Milk goodness

Includes all the healthy benefits of whole goat milk

Easy to digest protein

Easy to digest protein

Smooth passage from the stomach into the intestines for further digestion

For sensitive tummies

For sensitive tummies

Gentle for babies sensitive to cow milk

Rich in vitamins & minerals

Rich in vitamins & minerals

High in bioavailable micronutrients

Naturally<br>A2 milk

A2 milk

Goat milk’s beta casein protein is naturally A2

Full of fancy micronutrients

Full of fancy micronutrients

Contains oligosaccharides and nucleotides by nature

Jovie goat milk infant formula
Naturally good, fortified with love

First US goat milk infant formula
Jovie goat milk US
  • Whole goat milk as the no. 1 ingredient
  • Healthy fatty acids DHA & ARA
  • No Palm Oil
  • No Soy
  • No GMO’s
  • No Artificial Sweeteners

Convinced that goat milk formula should be available to all babies?

Help bring goat milk infant formula to the US.

You will support all those lovely babies who deserve the best infant formula available.

Not only will you receive infant formula at no cost, but you also receive up to $590, - for participating till completion and you get to keep the measuring tools*.

*If you choose to take part, you have the right to stop at any time. However, if you withdraw early from the study, you may be asked to return the measuring tools as well as any unused formula.

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